TEMPEST will debut on February 21st... Member Hwarang X Eunchan is revealed
TEMPEST will debut on February 21st... Member Hwarang X Eunchan is revealed
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[BBANGYA NEWS|Reporter Khaing] TEMPEST, a new boy group of seven boys, will take its first step in the music industry in February.

TEMPEST released its "Coming Soon" image and timetable on its official SNS on the 18th.

TEMPEST confirmed its debut on February 21 through the image of "Coming Soon." It also announced the start of its debut promotion by releasing a series of time tables.

Starting with the release of the debut trailer on the 19th, TEMPEST will open a sketch film titled "WHO AM I?" album mood spoiler poster, concept photos and visual clips, music video teaser, tracklist, highlight medley, and lyric moving poster.

Then, on February 21, the album will be released and the music video will be released to start their debut activities.

In particular, TEMPEST presented a coming soon image with an official logo reminiscent of the eye of a typhoon and a timetable image that seemed to swirl with strong winds.

On top of that, two members, Hwarang and Eunchan, were unveiled through their debut trailer. The gallery boasted a colorful blonde hairstyle, while Eun-chan boasted an unrivaled physicality.

TEMPEST, which will be newly introduced at Yuehua Entertainment in about three years since EVERGLOW, means a group that will sweep the K-pop industry with bright energy and powerful performances under its team name, which means a "strong storm."

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