The first episode of BL drama "Color Rush" season 2 on November 21st
The first episode of BL drama "Color Rush" season 2 on November 21st
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[BBANGYA NEWS|Reporter Mo Mo] Season 2 of the drama "Color Rush," planned and produced by StoryWiz, a subsidiary of KT content, will be released exclusively in Korea on January 21 of the new year at the online video service (OTT) season.

Color Rush is a drama based on the web novel of the same name, the winner of the 2nd Blyth Contest BL (Boy's Love). It is a work that tells the story of "Mono," a neurochromic alliance that sees the whole world in gray, experiences color through its fate partner "Prove." Season 2 deals with what happens when a new character Se-hyun (Han Sang-hyuk) joins the journey of Mono Yeon-woo (Actor Yoo Joon) looking for a probe and mother.

Prior to the airing of Color Rush Season 2, Story Wiz unveiled two main posters with a copy of "Another Color of You Didn't Know" and also opened a trailer.

The Color Rush will be unveiled not only in Korea but also in Japan, Southeast Asia, the Americas, and Europe.

Jeon Dae-jin, CEO of StoryWiz, said, "We will be able to introduce a new story of Color Rush once again," adding, "We will continue to increase the value of the story through expandable intellectual property (IP) One Source Multi Use (OSMU)."


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