[January 18] VICTON's COMEBACK
[January 18] VICTON's COMEBACK
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[BBANGYA NEWS|Reporter Khaing] January 18 is VICTON's comeback day.

The group VICTON will make a comeback with its third single "Chronograph" today (18th).

VICTON will release its third single album "Chronograph" through various major music sites at 6 p.m. on the 18th and start full-fledged comeback activities in about a year. Immediately after the album release, VICTON will broadcast live fan showcases around the world and unveil the new song stage for the first time on the 1theK YouTube channel at 8 p.m. that day.

VICTON's new song "Chronograph" is a combination of "Chronos," meaning "time," and "Graphain," meaning "time recorder," and is VICTON's first album title song that heralded a series of time trilogy in 2022. Along with the lyrics saying, "I will continue to run to record all my time as you," the members' popping vocals provide a refreshing feeling. Coach & Sendo, who worked with TVXQ, SHINee, and Espa, and other talented producers participated in the production to enhance the completeness.

VICTON showed off its solid rise with its first full-length album in January last year, breaking the "best" record for both sound sources and albums, and each member is drawing attention as a "rising star" for their performances in various fields such as solo albums, acting, entertainment and pictorials. VICTON is expected to release its third single "Chronograph" today (18th) and accelerate its relentless "popular group" move from the beginning of 2022 with breathless moves.

VICTON, who made a comeback with its new song "Chronograph" about a year after its first full-length album last year and predicted another level of growth, directly delivered stories related to the credit guarantee.

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