Seo-hyun X Lee Joon-young "Moral Sense" will be released on February 11th
Seo-hyun X Lee Joon-young "Moral Sense" will be released on February 11th
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[BBANGYA NEWS|Reporter Nang] The movie Moral Sense, which features the teamwork of actors Seo-hyun and Lee Joon-young, will be released on Netflix on February 11.

Netflix's "Moral Sense" depicts the dizzying taste-respecting romance of Ji-hoo, a competent public relations team employee who learned his secret, and Ji-woo, a perfect but extraordinary sexual taste. On the 17th, "Moral Sense" releases teaser posters, character posters, and teaser trailers that attract attention with vivid colors and visuals. Based on the popular webtoon of the same name, the Netflix film Moral Sense is expected to be a new film directed by Park Hyun-jin, who directed the films "Dating for Six Years" and "Like Me," which caused sympathy with romance reflecting reality.

Actor Seo Hyun, who appears in various works such as "Private Life," "Time," and "Hi Dracula," plays the role of "Jiwoo," showing a completely different character from his previous appearance. Jiwoo, a competent public relations team employee who lives with what he has to say, is a person who gets the wrong "secret delivery" of Jihoo (Lee Joon-young), the deputy of the same team, who is receiving attention from all female employees, and finds out his unique sexual taste. Jihoo, a perfect man who has come to uncover his own secret that he never wants to be caught, will feature a puppy-like charm as Rookie Lee Joon-young, who captivates viewers 180 degrees differently from Netflix series D.P., drama "Please Don't Meet Him" and "I'll Be Your Night." The romance of respect for taste created by Seo-hyun and Lee Joon-young, who are divided into two men and women with completely different personalities and tastes, will give viewers a new level of fun.

The released poster catches the eye of Ji-woo, an employee wearing black high heels, on the shoulders of Ji-hoo, an assistant manager, in the office. Although they are agents and employees at the company, the teaser poster, which shows a reversed relationship after learning of Ji-hoo's unusual sexual taste, raises expectations for a special meeting between the two and the close and dizzying romance they will draw. In addition, the character poster, which stands out in the charm of each character, stimulates curiosity about the movie as the two hold props related to their special tastes against the backdrop of purple colors.

Meanwhile, the teaser trailer released together sensibly captures the two enjoying their own special play in the office, drawing attention. Ji-woo, who gives irresistible orders, and Ji-hoo, who obeys while tied to a ribbon, raise expectations for an unpredictable romance between the two in the movie. The clumsy and close romance of Ji-hoo, a man who has a secret he never wants to be caught by others, and Jiwoo, a woman who accidentally learned the secret, will expand the existing romantic comedy genre to the next level and give a new romance in which "different" is completed as "special."

Moral Sense, a film about the romance of respect for taste presented by director Park Hyun-jin, Seo Hyun and Lee Joon-young, who showed reality and excitement through the films "Love Me For Six Years" and "Like Me," will only be released on Netflix on February 11th ahead of Valentine's Day with their lovers.

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