Who's your one pick for "My Teenage Girl"
Who's your one pick for "My Teenage Girl"
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[BBANGYA NEWS|Reporter Khaing] Trainees Kim Yu-yeon and Yoon Chae-won of "My Teenage Girl" are drawing attention.

In MBC's global girl group audition "My Teenage Girl," some trainees catch the eye with their natural talents, while the growth of trainees, who are developing day by day with bloody efforts, is gaining popularity.

Yoon Chae-won is attracting attention with her charms such as skills and visuals as well as her natural talent from the "My Teenage Girl" prequel "Hesitation before school." Yoon Chae-won was selected as the ace of the grade competition and took full support from the field evaluation team with her strength, vocal skills, with Hwa Sa's "TWIT."

In the subsequent concept evaluation "La Vie en Rose" stage, Yoon Chae-won also scored high individual scores and peaked with unwavering singing skills in the mid-term position battle of the second grade. Yoon Chae-won stood out from the beginning and made headlines, and at the second ranking announcement, she jumped to first place.

On the other hand, Kim Yu-yeon, who is called the "My Teenage Girl" visual, caught the eye by experiencing difficulties from the start with her unexpected skills. First of all, Kim Yu-yeon was severely criticized for her poor skills and failed the entrance exam once. Kim Yu-yeon, who passed additional passes with Jeon So-yeon's choice, learned the melody as if memorizing because she had never learned singing and dancing, and she is poor at learning dancing from trainees in the same grade, but continues to practice and perform as best as she can. It is said that he played a powerful dance battle that was recently introduced in a stable manner.

"My Teenage Girl" is gaining hot popularity with more than 700 million views of cumulative video views. Trainees Yoon Chae-won and Kim Yoo-yeon also remained at the top of the second ranking announcement with the support of fans.

My Teenage Girl is broadcast simultaneously on MBC and Naver NOW every Sunday night at 9 p.m.

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