British band Muse is back with a new song after 3 years
British band Muse is back with a new song after 3 years
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[BBANGYA NEWS | Reporter Khaing] Muse, one of the representatives of the British rock band, released a new song for the first time in more than three years.

According to Warner Music Korea, Muse released its single "Won't Stand Down" on each music site on the 13th (local time).

It is the first time in about three years and two months since the eighth full album "Simulation Theory" released in November 2018.

The new song stands out with a heavy and intense guitar sound, written by member Matthew Bellami.

Matthew Bellamy said, "It's about protecting yourself from the coercion and manipulation of people at work or anywhere and confronting adversity with strength, confidence, and hostility," adding, "I tried to implement a stronger rock sound than the previous album."

Muse also released a music video taken in Kiev, Ukraine.

The music video, in which film director Jared Hogan participated, features a fragile but mysterious figure absorbing and evolving the energy emitted by the dark corps.

Muse is a world-class band consisting of Matthew Bellami, Dominic Howard, and Chris Volchenhome.

Those who formed the team in 1994 released eight full albums, starting with their first album Showbiz in 1999, with more than 20 million sales worldwide.

In 2011 and 2016, he received the Best Rock Album award at the Grammy, which is considered the most prestigious music award. He also won several awards at the MTV European Music Awards and the Brit Awards and became the world's top live band.

Currently, the muse is known to be working on new music.

Warner Music Korea said it will participate in major European rock festivals and perform from June this year.

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