Hwisung is accused of illegal propofol abuse
Hwisung is accused of illegal propofol abuse
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[BBANGYA NEWS|Joan Park] Singer Hwisung is under police investigation for propofol abuse. According to Chosun Daily, the police got  the testimony from the drug dealer as well as the evidence about Hwisung's massive use of propofol. The police will issue a warrant for Hwisung's arrest as they see the amount or the frequency of his propofol usage is too much to overlook.
It's not the first time Hwisung was questioned for propofol abuse. He had been investigated by prosecutors for the administration of propofol even during his military service in 2013. Since 2011, he has been accused of having practiced in various places including cosmetic surgery clinic in Gangnam for about two years. At the time, Hwisung explained that the prescription of the doctor was normally performed according to the purpose of the hospital treatment. Back in 2013 he was freed without charges.


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