Max's promotional schedule has been updated
Max's promotional schedule has been updated
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[BBANGYA NEWS|Jisoo Lee] Max of TVXQ's promotional plan for 'Chocolate' was posted via official SNS today. In the schedule poster are his visual image as well as the contents upload schedule by timeline. Fans can expect teaser images of Max on March 31, followed by mood sampler clips and music video teaser videos that show a brand new side of Max. 

The album is known to include six tracks along with the title number 'Chocolate'. As it's the first solo album Max is releasing after sixteen years as a member of TVXQ, global fandom can expect songs of various of genres to flatter their ears!

Max's first mini album 'Chocolate' will drop on April 6 but pre-sale is now available on online as well as offline record shops.

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