The BL web drama "Want to Bite" starring Kim Ji-woong and Yoon Seo-bin will be released on February 3rd 
The BL web drama "Want to Bite" starring Kim Ji-woong and Yoon Seo-bin will be released on February 3rd 
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[BBANGYA NEWS|Reporter Mo Mo] The BL web drama Want to Bite, co-produced by Moving Pictures Company and Korea Film University, will be released on February 3.

"Want to Bite" is a campus romance drama that takes place when vampire Junho (Kim Ji-woong), who is on the path of extinction, encounters pure blood Minhyun (Yoon Seo-bin).

In the play, Junho is a vampire who hopes to become a human and die normally, and wanders for pure blood to drink pure blood, the only way to become a human. On the other hand, Minhyun, as a pure-blooded person, bears the fate of escaping from vampires trying to harm him.

Haesoo (Moon Ji-hoo) appears as a character that holds Junho's heart, who is shaken by Minhyun. Haesoo is another vampire who is an old friend of Junho and knows all of Junho's trauma, and begins to threaten Minhyun to protect Junho.

Expectations are high on how the love between the two will begin in a contradictory situation where they have to sacrifice the other person's life in order to live.

Moving Pictures Company is a skeleton production company that has been steadily producing BL web dramas such as BL web dramas Wish You, Ryu Seon-bi's Wedding Ceremony, Florida Spot, and Coloring.

"Want to Bite" is the first work created by Moving Pictures Company in collaboration with Korea Film University, and you can feel the atmosphere of the actual university campus by filming school scenes in the play at Korea Film University. It will be released on the Idol Romance app.

In particular, attention is being paid to works that utilize fresh ideas and young emotions by participating in the production and filming process of Korea Film University.

Viewers are increasingly interested in how Moving Pictures Company, which showed the true side of fantasy romance through "Coloring," will digest the new fantasy genre.

Meanwhile, Moving Pictures Company is planning to release works that won prizes through a contest in October, including works from BL in Thailand, this year.

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