[January 11] Lee Seung-hoon's Birthday
[January 11] Lee Seung-hoon's Birthday
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[BBANGYA NEWS|Reporter Nang] January 11th is WINNER's Lee Seung-hoon's birthday.

Celebrating WINNER Lee Seung-hoon's 31st birthday, fans posted meaningful birthday advertisements in the newspaper.

Dreamboat HOON, a group of Lee Seung-hoon fans, was delighted with the birth of "My Star" with a full advertisement in the newspaper on the same day to commemorate his birthday on January 11.
They said, "If you go alone, you go fast, but if you go together, you go far away," with a picture of Lee Seung-hoon filling the front of the newspaper. "Let's go together beyond the horizon," he said, adding a powerful cheering phrase.

Lee Seung-hoon's birthday advertisement has more special meaning than ever. Three days after this birthday, Lee Seung-hoon will return to his fans after completing his military duty on the 14th.  
Lee Seung-hoon joined the military in April 2019 and is currently serving as a substitute for social service. After being discharged from the military on the 14th, he will meet with fans again as a civilian.  
WINNER will complete its military service following Kim Jin-woo and Lee Seung-hoon. Earlier at the end of last year, Song Min-ho mentioned WINNER's activities at the time of the announcement of his third full-length album Two Infinity. Attention is focusing on whether the entire "WINNER" will unite, including Lee Seung-hoon, Kim Jin-woo, Kang Seung-yoon, and Song Min-ho, members of the military service idol group in the new year of Im In-nyeon.


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