4 Korean sports players who stan BTS V
4 Korean sports players who stan BTS V
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[BBANGYA NEWS|Chalie Park] It looks like ARMY is everywhere. A sports media made a list of Korean sports stars who love BTS V.

Kim Hyunjung of the IBK volleyball team showed love about V in an interview with a sports media.

"I happened to see a reality program where BTS appeared and became an ARMY(BTS' fan club name)," Kim said. "My favorite member is V", and then she added, "I love guys who are cute when they smile."  

In addition to Kim Hyunjung, a Korean figure skater Yoo Young said she would like to date V if she had a chance through interviews with a media.

Yang Yebin, who is known to have set a new record in athletics, is a well known V fan. Yang once said in an interview that BTS' concert is what keeps her through the hard training schedule and that she wishes to meet V one day. 

Shin Yubin, a ping-pong genius who achieved the dream of being the youngest member of the national team, also showed love toward V by decorating her backpack with V's keyring.

Let's hope that the sports stars and V have a good influence on each other!


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