IU got a surprise gift from Lee Dohyun of "Hotel Del Luna" 
IU got a surprise gift from Lee Dohyun of "Hotel Del Luna" 
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[BBANGYA NEWS|Reporter Nang] Singer IU reunited with actor Lee Do-hyun at the awards ceremony.

IU said on her Instagram story on January 10th, "Even the staff. A photo was posted with a message, "Good, big, and welcome fireflies."

In the released photo, IU stands side by side with Lee Do-hyun, whom she met at the awards ceremony, looking at the camera. As if intentionally matched, the warm visuals of the two with the same costume concept stand out in black and white. IU thanked Lee Do-hyun by revealing a macaron gift prepared for the staff.

IU and Lee Do-hyun appeared as Jang Man-wol and Ko Chung-myung in the tvN drama Hotel Del Luna and drew unfortunate love that could not be achieved.

The two participated as winners and presenters at the 36th Golden Disc Awards held on the 8th, respectively. At the awards ceremony, IU won three gold medals, winning the main prize in the digital music category and the grand prize in the digital music category, starting with the main prize in the album category.


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