SF9 Inseong X Dawon mature visual pictorial is released
SF9 Inseong X Dawon mature visual pictorial is released
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[BBANGYA NEWS|Reporter Mo Mo] Inseong and Dawon of the group SF9 showed off their splendid visuals in a luxurious mood.

SF9's Inseong and Dawon unveiled their mature visuals in the January-February issue of Noblesse Man, which was released on the 7th. In this pictorial, which was filmed under the theme of Luxurious Home Party, Inseong and Dawon each showed off their fatal charm by tilting champagne on colorful patterned shirts. In the individual pictorial, Inseong showed off his perfect body with chic eyes and superior leg length. Dawon showed off her sexiness with a colorful shirt, and doubled her charm with a sensuous mood while wearing glasses.

In an interview with the pictorial shoot, Inseong and Dawon generously revealed their affection for each other and their teamwork. Inseong said, "As much as you try, you come back." Each member may have a different goal and may not reach the expected goal quickly, but they decided to work together to the end. "The teamwork is really good," he said, boasting strong teamwork, and Dawon expressed her firm initial intention, saying, "The more experience we have, the harder we have to work." They also said, "Singers and fans communicate and develop in two directions." "I need someone to find me," he said, expressing his sincerity in communicating with fans.

In Seong, who is active as Daniel of the musical "Jack the Ripper," then expressed his extraordinary affection for the musical, saying, "It is attractive to express on stage what he cannot actually do." Dawon said, "Part-time Melo," a web drama that recently appeared, is ending and enjoying games and sports, and through the process of exercising, I have a distant view." In addition, he gave honest answers such as what he wanted to show on stage and his values.

SF9, a group to which Inseong and Dawon belong, will hold a concert at Olympic Hall in Olympic Park for three days from January 21st to 23rd and meet with fans. The full text of photos and interviews of Inseong and Dawon can be found in the January-February 2022 issue of Noblesse Man.


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