"Death on the Nile" will be released on February 9th
"Death on the Nile" will be released on February 9th
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[BBANGYA NEWS | Reporter Mo Mo] Poster for the foreign film "Death on the Nile". Poster of the foreign currency "Death on the Nile" provided by Walt Disney Company Korea.

The film "Death on the Nile," directed and starring Kenneth Branner, the best-selling work of her life and best-selling by Queen Agassor Christie of Walt Disney Company Korea, will be released on the 9th of next month.
The movie "Death on the Nile" is a story about a murder incident on a super-luxury passenger ship in Egypt's Nile River carrying newlyweds, and detective Hercul Poirot launches an investigation, but a series of murders leave all passengers in shock and confusion. The movie is based on a bestseller of the same name, which was built based on the actual experience of Agathor Christie.
The film is drawing attention early in that you can meet Hollywood's luxury actors in one place, as well as colorful visuals and dense stories in Egyptian backgrounds that make your eyes ecstatic.
First of all, Kenneth Branner, an actor who shines as the fifth Academy Nominate, played the role of world-renowned detective Hercule Poirot following the Orient Express Murder.
Kenneth Branner, who has been active regardless of genres and roles such as "Tenet," "Dunkirk," and "Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets," will also show off Hercul Poirot's sharp reasoning and intense charisma in this work. Above all, Kenneth Branner will capture the audience with his outstanding directing skills by even capturing the megaphone "Death of the Nile."
In the role of Lynet, the inheritor of the century, who is the center of the main event, Gal Gadot, who made a strong impression on every work he starred in, such as the Wonder Woman series, the Fast and Furious series, and Red Notice, will transform into a confident and attractive character with all wealth and honor.
The role of Jacqueline, who witnesses the betrayal of Lynette's friend and beloved lover, is played by Emma Macky, who made her face known in Korea through Otis' Secret Counseling Center. He adds tension to the play by showing the gradually changing psychology and emotions of confusion with stable acting.
On top of that, Letitia Wright, who showed off her pleasant charm through "Black Panther," and big filmography such as "Captain Marvel," "Love Affair," and "The Search," and Rose Leslie, who appeared in the American drama "Game of Thrones" series, which was very popular in Korea.
In particular, the Death on the Nile offers a variety of attractions, including a beautiful view of the Nile River in Egypt and a magnificent, ultra-luxury passenger ship, which is captured by only four 65mm cameras around the world.

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