MAMAMOO's Moon Byul's "LUNATIC" web jacket is revealed
MAMAMOO's Moon Byul's "LUNATIC" web jacket is revealed
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[BBANGYA NEWS | Reporter Mo Mo] MAMAMOO's Moon Byul announced her comeback by releasing web jacket photo.
Photo = RBW
Photo = RBW

At 0 o'clock on the 6th, Moon Byul presented a web jacket image of the title song "LUNATIC" of her third mini album "6equence" through her official SNS.

The released photo shows Moon Byul staring at the camera with a mysterious expression. Moon Byul, who dyed her hair red, showed off her tomboyish girly charm by giving points with her unique freckle makeup. In particular, at the bottom of the image, the title song "LUNATIC," which means "crazy and eccentric," will be unveiled for the first time, raising expectations for what kind of music and performance Moon Byul will present through her new song.
Moon Byul will release her third mini album "6equence" on the 19th. Like the album title of Sequence consisting of several scenes, each track contains Moon Byul's colorful charm that has never been seen before.

Earlier, Moon Byul pre-released the two pre-release singles "G999" and "From Head to toe," and worked with rapper Miran and singer-songwriter Seori, respectively, to completely digest the fatal atmosphere from retro sensibility, leading to favorable reviews.

Moon Byul topped the iTunes top song charts in 10 countries and regions around the world, including Cambodia, Colombia, Hong Kong, Macau, Peru and Taiwan, with her first solo comeback in a year and 11 months, drawing keen attention to Shinbo's "6equence."

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