Weeekly ZOA X Bumkey "3.5th Period" OST is released today (6th)
Weeekly ZOA X Bumkey "3.5th Period" OST is released today (6th)
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[BBANGYA NEWS | Reporter Mo Mo] ZOA, a member of the group Weeekly, will challenge her first duet OST since her debut.

The sound source of the OST "First Love" of the movie "3.5th Period," in which Weeekly ZOA and R&B artist Bumkey participated as singers together, will be released on various music sites at noon today (6th).

First Love is a song made by My current music director of the movie "3.5th Period" and Bumkey of "Soul Trend," which expresses the beginning of love brightly and brightly with sweet piano melodies and magnificent string sounds.

In particular, ZOA, who plays Baek A-jin, the main character in the play, will participate in the singing to add to the drama's immersion, and it is expected that the shy and lovely Choa's voice and the sweet Bucky voice have doubled the sweet excitement of lovers who are just starting.

"3.5th Period" is a mystery fantasy romance work dealing with secret events of students in 3.5th Period, where time flies 10 times slower between the 3rd and 4th classes of a prestigious high school, and was selected for the Gyeonggi Cultural Content Agency's "New Media Content Broadcasting Video Production Support" project in 2021.

In the play, Cho Ah-ah plays Baek A-jin, a transfer student who gets caught up in a secret case after accidentally discovering a rubberwatch that can slow time 10 times, and naturally acted, getting a passing score from her first acting challenge, raising expectations for future moves.

Weeekly, a group to which ZOA belongs, has emerged as a hot topic "super rookie" by sweeping the "six gold medals in Rookie of the Year" upon its debut in 2020. Following the recent 100 million streams on the global music streaming platform Spotify, Weeekly, which surpassed 110 million views on YouTube, is showing off its hot global popularity as it has been selected as the 2021 Best K-pop Song by famous foreign media such as TIME-UK NME.

The movie "3.5th Period," starring Weeekly ZOA, has been exclusively released on TVING for a month since the 17th of last month.

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