Park Min-young X Song Kang, 'KMA People: Office Romance Cruelty' to be broadcasted in February
Park Min-young X Song Kang, 'KMA People: Office Romance Cruelty' to be broadcasted in February
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[BBANGYA NEWS|Reporter Nang] "KMA People: Office Romance Cruelty" has released two teaser videos that make love cells work hard in the new year.

JTBC's new Saturday and Sunday drama KMA People: Office Romance Cruelty (directed by Cha Young-hoon, scripted by Sun-young, creator Glein & Kang Eun-kyung, produced by NPIO Entertainment, JTBC Studio) is a work romance drama about the work and love of weather listeners who are hotter than tropical nights and local heavy rain.

The two teaser videos, which unveiled the two-shot of Park Min-young and Song Kang for the first time on the 5th, clearly demonstrated the synergy between romance goddesses and romantic actors. This is because it is expected that a romantic strong wind will blow just by putting the two in one frame.

Jin Ha-kyung (Park Min-young), the general forecaster, and Lee Si-woo (Songgang), the special manager, are the people of the Meteorological Administration. The first video showed the "moment" of the two working in the situation room of the Meteorological Administration. However, Si-woo carefully holds Ha-kyung's hand, and the eyes of the two meet. It seems that the company's love signal was shared only with lovely eye contact.

In the second video that follows, Ha-kyung and Si-woo are walking on the night street outside the Korea Meteorological Administration. A fluttering smile that cannot be hidden leaks out of Ha-kyung's mouth, walking ahead, conscious of her following, and Si-woo, one step behind, looks lovely at her back. On a night that may have been as normal as usual, the romantic mood amplifies every time the two take steps.

The weather, which is most closely related to daily life and people react sensitively, changes from time to time and has many variables. Therefore, the people of the Meteorological Administration always work fiercely. Therefore, it is impossible to predict whether the romance between Ha-kyung and Si-woo, who met there through unpredictable weather, will also be a cruel death or a happy ending. However, if you watch the teaser video alone, you can feel the excitement of Ha-kyung and Si-woo, whose hearts beat even if they just make eye contact. With the addition of a complete and romantic painting of Park Min-young and Song Kang, it is expected that the hibernating love cells will stretch in February.

The production team said, "For the first time in Korea, the romance of the people of the Meteorological Administration, along with interesting stories about the Meteorological Administration, forms another axis of this work. And at the center are Park Min-young and Songgang. "This teaser video, where you can guess the atmosphere for a minute with just the eyes and smiles of the two actors without any lines, contained a perfect chemistry," he said.

"KMA People: Office Romance Cruelty" will premiere on JTBC in February, with Cha Young-hoon, director of "When the Camellia Blooms," and Sun-young, author of Creator Kang Eun-kyung's Glene, who created hot topics such as "The World of the Married" and "Misty."


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