Who are Korean celebrities voiced their opinion about "Telegram Nth Room" case?
Who are Korean celebrities voiced their opinion about "Telegram Nth Room" case?
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[BBANGYA NEWS|Jisoo Lee] More and more celebrities are vocing their opinion about the 'Telegram N-room' case. As of the 23rd, the number of netizens petitioned on Korean Blue House’s National Petitions page exceeded 2 million. It is the record of the largest petition in Korean history.

On the 21st, the group Girls' Day's Sojin and Hyeri urged strong punishment for suspects and related abusers in the case, saying, "How can the world be like this?"

Actress Son Soohyun also said, "Every people who've participated need to get caught. Reveal their profiles and photos."

Actress Ha Yeonsoo, who has consistently expressed opinions about N-room as well as women's issues, pointed out, "It's not something I've been through, but the case shouldn't be overlooked." In addition, actor Moon Gayoung, singer Baek Yerin, and group EXID's LE shared the article about national petition.

Ravi, a member of the group VIXX, also captured a captured image of the petition page titled 'Telegram N Room Suspect Release and Photoline' in his Instagram story on the 22nd with a caption "I don’t want my loved ones to live in a world that is so horrifying."

Singer Jo Kwon, rapper pH-1, Kwon Jeongyeol, and Yoo Seungwoo also demanded strong punishment for suspects and suspects in Room N through their personal SNS.

The case of Room N is a case where inhumane and illegal sexual exploitation videos were shared through a mobile messenger Telegram. Currently, more than 1.4 million people have agreed to the national petition to disclose the identity of all subscribers.

On March 24, 2020, a committee will vote to decide whether or not to reveal the identity of “Baksa“, one of the main administrators of these chat rooms.


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