[January 05] H1-KEY's DEBUT
[January 05] H1-KEY's DEBUT
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[BBANGYA NEWS|Reporter Mo Mo] January 05 is H1-KEY's debut day.

Four-member girl group H1-KEY (Seoy, Rina, Yell, and Citala) will release their first single "Athletic Girl" through various music sites at 6 p.m. today (5th) and begin their full-fledged debut activities.

H1-KEY's debut single "Athletic Girl" is a hip-hop genre featuring three-dimensional sound and self-control, and contains the identity of a team pursuing inner strength. Gusten Dahlqvist, who was named on the 18th track of BTS's fourth regular album Map of the Soul: 7 (G)I-DLE Yuqi's first solo song, and Catalina Schweighauser participated in the composition to enhance completion. The lyricist was written by Lee Ji-eun, who collaborated with SHINee, SISTAR, and AOA. In addition, rapper Basick took charge of rap making as well as rap lessons from Yell and Sitala, giving strong support.

In particular, the physical album contains a remix version of the sound source "Athletic Girl (PEEJAY Remix) (CD ONLY), which can only be heard through CDs. Artist and producer PJ, who has been working with Big Bang, Dynamic Duo, Epic High, IU, and Beenzino, has arranged the song, adding a different atmosphere.

The music video for Athletic Girl was directed by NAIVE, a video production team that produced IU's "Blueming," TWICE's "Signal," ITZY's "Not Shy," and Hyun-ah's "I'm Not Cool." In the splendid visual beauty, the charm of each H1-KEY member has been maximized.

BBTRIPPIN, a broadcast choreography team that has collaborated with Zico's Any Song, IU, Seventeen, THE BOYZ, and ATEEZ, participated in the eye-catching choreography. Taking advantage of the sensuous and trendy atmosphere of the song, H1-KEY's addictive performance was completed.

H1-KEY is a four-member new girl group consisting of leader Seoi, who boasts sophisticated aura and doll-like visuals, Li Na, the owner of a solid body line, Yel, who has unique appearance and powerful energy, and Sitala, who has both elegance and neutral charm. They aim for confident and healthy beauty, just like the team name conceived in English "high-key." H1-KEY, who is versatile in dance, singing, rapping, acting, and foreign languages, is expected to be reborn as a new "trend setter" that will lead K-pop.

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