Heo Sung-tae renewed his contract with Hanareum Company
Heo Sung-tae renewed his contract with Hanareum Company
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[BBANGYA NEWS|Reporter Khaing] Actor Heo Sung-tae will continue his 10 years of loyalty with Hanareum Company.
Picture = Hanareum Company
Picture = Hanareum Company

The agency Hanareum Company announced the news of the renewal of the contract with Heo Sung-tae on the 4th.

An official from Hanareum Company said, "Even though Heo Sung-tae has a considerable period of time left to sign an exclusive contract with Hanareum Company, we first proposed to renew the contract based on his belief in Hanareum Company and unwavering trust."

Park Ki-jung, CEO of Hanareum Company, added, "As Heo Sung-tae is receiving worldwide attention through the 'Squid game', we will provide full support to Heo Sung-tae's management work."

As a result, Heo Sung-tae plans to carry out active acting activities this year with the support of Hanareum Company, which he has been with since his debut.

Starting with the JTBC drama Monster last year, Heo Sung-tae proved his value by performing various characters through TV and OTT through Netflix series Squid Game and Sea of Silence.

In particular, he played the role of Deoksu in the Netflix series "Squid Game," which was released in September last year, and earned the nickname "World Villain," emerging as a leading figure in the global box office of "Squid Game."

Meanwhile, Heo Sung-tae is set to release the films Boys, Night Trip, and Hunt, starting with the KBS drama Red Dansim, which is scheduled to air in the first half of 2022, raising expectations for Heo Sung-tae's acting on the TV screen.



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