Choi Ye-na from IZ*ONE confirmed her solo debut on the 17th
Choi Ye-na from IZ*ONE confirmed her solo debut on the 17th
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[BBANGYA NEWS | Reporter Mo Mo] Singer Choi Ye-na has confirmed her solo debut.

On the 3rd, the agency said, "Choi Ye-na will start her singer career in earnest by releasing her debut album '??? (SMiLEY)' at 6 p.m. on the 17th."

Prior to this, the agency released an image of Choi Ye-na's solo debut on its official SNS. Since then, she has begun a full debut countdown by unveiling the timetable.

According to the timetable, Choi Ye-na will open the tracklist, music video teaser, visual film, lyric poster, album concept film, and highlight medley sequentially, starting with the release of concept photos on the 4th and 5th. She will then begin her activities in earnest by releasing the album and releasing the music video on the 17th.

In particular, Choi Ye-na predicted that she would release an album full of bright energy through the images of Coming Soon and illustrations on the timetable, raising fans' expectations.

Choi Ye-na, who previously played in various positions, including lead vocal, lead dancer, and rapper in the girl group IZ*ONE, will start her career as a singer full of various aspects as she has prepared a solo album for a long time.

An official from the agency said, "Choi Ye-na plans to engage in more diverse activities starting with her solo debut this year. In addition, we will show you a good performance in return for the love of our fans, so please pay a lot of attention and look forward to it, she said.


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