[January 03] P1Harmony COMEBACK
[January 03] P1Harmony COMEBACK
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[BBANGYA NEWS|Reporter Khaing] January 3rd is the day P1Harmony makes a comeback.

The group P1Harmony (Kiho, Theo, Jiwoong, Intak, Soul, Jongseop) will make a comeback with its new album "This Harmony: Find Out" in about eight months on the 3rd.

P1Harmony will release the music video for all songs from its third mini-album "This Harmony: Find Out" and the title song "Do It Like This" on its major music site at 6 p.m. on the 3rd. As this album contains P1Harmony's bold confidence, I chose the points to appreciate the new album.

P1Harmony's third mini album is the last omission of the dissonance series. P1Harmony opened the beginning of the worldview through the movie P1H: The Beginning of a New World, which was released before its debut. Afterwards, he proudly talked about the problem of "DISHARMONY" through his first mini-album and delivered a message of courage to believe in his true value and potential through his second mini-album.

In particular, this album contains the story after the submerged city (+ WORLD) that appeared in the epilogue of the second mini album. Prior to the comeback, P1Harmony also released a film containing the story and character description of the newly emerged Metabus Worldview + WORLD. The members foretell the potential infinite possibilities by capturing the personal abilities and charm points shown in their previous albums in + WORLD, where the real world is projected. As such, it raises questions about what the New World + WORLD will look like, which will be created by P1Harmony, which closely continues its worldview narrative.

Above all, this album contains various first attempts by P1Harmony. First of all, Yoon Ji-yong and Kwak Ki-gon, who collaborated with leading world-class K-pop artists and celebrities, and graphic designer Cho Hyun-wook, director Shin Dong-geul, Digipedy, and famous overseas dance team The Lab participated to enhance completeness. As a result, high-quality graphic designs and the like represent metabus worldview + WORLD more effectively.

In addition, the new music video is filmed in all locations in LA, USA, boasting a different scale than before. Finally, the album consists of three types for the first time since its debut, including FIND OUT, TURN OUT, and + WORLD versions, drawing keen expectations for P1Harmony's new album, which will take its first step in the 2022 new year.

P1Harmony has grown to a new level since visiting the U.S. promotion. Starting with a live performance of Rolling Stone in the U.S. in early October, he developed further as an artist through various activities, including appearing on FOX TV Good Day New York, commemorating Korea Day in San Diego, and attending the MLS celebration stage in LA.

On top of that, the members participated in all the songs in the album, and the color of P1Harmony became clearer. Following the song in which Intak and Jongseop participated in the lyrics, including the title song, and the song in which Jiwoong, Intak, and Jongseop participated, "Follow Me" participated in the lyrics to enhance the completeness of the song.

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