[January 03] Jisoo's Birthday 
[January 03] Jisoo's Birthday 
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[BBANGYA NEWS | Reporter Nang] January 3rd is BLACKPINK member Jisoo's birthday.

BLACKPINK Jisoo expressed her feelings about her birthday.

On the 3rd, Jisoo uploaded a thank-you message on her social networking service (SNS) along with a photo of her childhood.

Jisoo said to her fans, "Thank you for congratulating me," adding, "I'll have a happy day today. "BLINK, I love you."

Young Jisoo in the picture boasts her outstanding appearance as she is now.
Meanwhile, Ji-soo, who made her debut as the group BLACKPINK in 2016, is currently appearing in the JTBC drama "Snowdrop." Snowdrop is a drama about the desperate love between Suho (Jeong Hae-in), a prestigious college student who jumped into a women's dormitory in 1987 against the backdrop of Seoul, and Young-ro (Ji-soo), a female college student who hid and treated him in a crisis.

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