Namgungmin won the grand prize for 2 years in a row
Namgungmin won the grand prize for 2 years in a row
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[BBANGYA NEWS | Reporter Khaing] He collected two grand prize trophies 20 years after his debut. It is the story of Namkoong Min, who has established his position as an actor who believes and watches MBC's Friday-Saturday drama "Black Sun."

Namkoong Min won the grand prize for acting "Black Sun" at the 2021 MBC Acting Awards, which aired on December 30.

The Black Sun, which aired from September 17 to October 23, is the winner of the 2018 MBC Drama Screenplay Contest by Park Seok-ho. The NIS's top field agent, who went missing a year ago, told the story of returning to the organization to find an internal traitor who dropped him into the abyss.

Namkoong Min, who played the role of the one-top protagonist, played Han Ji-hyuk, a member of the National Intelligence Service's on-site support team. Not only did he fully immerse himself in the character, but he also burned his passion for acting by bulking up (building up his physique) to maximize his synchronization with the character belonging to the NIS.

Thanks to Namkoong Min's passionate performance, the ratings of "Black Sun" started at 7.2% (hereinafter, based on Nielsen Korea's national households), rising to up to 9.4%. Considering that all MBC dramas aired prior to "Black Sun" did not record double-digit ratings,  Namkoong Min played a role in revitalizing the ruined MBC drama station.

Namkoong Min, who was called the grand prize winner, said, "Black Sun" was a very time-consuming drama in terms of technology when filming. It took a lot of time to shoot and many experts were with me. So after the middle of the filming period, I had a lot of regrets about what it would be like if we had a little more time, he said.

 Namkoong Min said, "Nevertheless, it was thanks to the staff and actors who participated in our drama that we were able to finish the drama well until the end. When I go out to the scene, I tend to prepare perfectly and meticulously, but I couldn't prepare because I had to prepare too much. When I went out to the scene under such stress, so lovely actors stood in front of me in the "black sun." I was really encouraged. My body and mind were very tired, but I was able to cheer up and shoot until the end. "Thank you so much to the 'Black Sun' family," he shed tears. It was a tear of gratitude for fellow actors, production crew, and staff who served as a strong support at the filming site, which was never easy.

As a result, Namkoong Min won two grand prize trophies 20 years after his acting career began. Earlier, Namkoong Min held his first grand prize 19 years after his debut at the 2020 SBS Acting Awards. He played the role of Baek Seung-soo, the new general manager of Dreams, in the Friday-Saturday drama "Stove League," which aired from December 2019 to February last year, and was recognized for his highest rating of 19.1%.

On this day, MC Kim Sung-joo told  Namkoong Min, "If we win the grand prize today, we will achieve the grand slam with three companies." However, in the case of  Namkoong Min, he has not yet won the grand prize at the KBS Acting Awards, so strictly speaking, it is not the grand slam. Kim Sung-ryong, the role of KBS 2TV's "Kim Manager," who achieved the highest viewer rating of 18.4%, won the grand prize at the 2017 KBS Acting Awards. It is highly likely that the 2021 MBC Acting Awards delivered the wrong script to MC Kim Sung-joo by mistaking  Namkoong Min's award history. Actor Park Hae-jin, who served as the grand prize presenter, also told  Namkoong Min, " Namkoong Min, who received the grand prize twice," before calling the winner.

Meanwhile, Namkoong Min began acting as Kim Sung-chul, a minor role in the 2001 movie "Bungee Jump." Over the past 20 years, not only "Kim, the Stove League," and "Black Sun," but also KBS 1TV "My Little Old Boy," MBC "One Fine Day," KBS 2TV "The Birth of the Rich," and SBS "Can You Hear My Heart?"', SBS's "Cheongdam-dong Alice," MBC's "Guam Heo Jun," tvN's "Romance We Need Season 3," JTBC's "Reunion After 12 Years: Sweetened, Jangguk," SBS's "Remember-Son War," SBS's "Fabrication," SBS's "Handsome Jeongeum," tvN's "Day and Night," and "Beautiful Sunday."

Namkoong Min is known as an actor who has outstanding acting skills among viewers as well as the ability to select good works and characters. Attention is focusing on what character he will capture viewers with next year, as he has recently been reborn as a box office guarantee check by successing three one-top films in a row, including "Manager Kim," "Stove League," and "Black Sun."

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