BTS' world tour schedule may be postponed or canceled
BTS' world tour schedule may be postponed or canceled
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[BBANGYA NEWS|Yulia Cho] The coronavirus infection spreading worldwide is affecting BTS's world tour schedule. As of March 18, the death date due to coronavirus(COVID 19) is skyrockting, causing death of millions in Europe. In Italy confirmed patients increased by 3,000 with over 30,000 patients in total and death of 2,500. Italy by far is the European country with the most number of patients. Spain also reported confirmed patients of over 10,000. 

The circumstance has affected BTS's world tour that was scheduled to kick off in early April. In Europe, they are performing in four cities including London, Rotherdam, Berlin, Barcelona. 

The first step Big Hit Entertainment, the agency and Live Nation took was to put off ticket opening schedules in Europe from March 18 and 20 to April 29 and May 1, for membership owners and the public respectively. The schedule can be further postponed due to circumstance, according to Live Nation. 

Their North American tour doesn't look either. As the confirmed patient in the USA surpassed 3,000, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommended cancellation or postponement of any festival or event for at least eight weeks. Donald Trump, the president of the USA also requested the public to restain from travel or gathering until July to August. Furthermore, Santa Clara Levis' Stadium, the first venue where the concert was supposed to be held is now closed due to COVID 19. The agency hasn't announced any news regarding cancellation or postponement of the world tour.


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