YG TREASURE releases the Christmas version of the OST of "The Mysterious Class"
YG TREASURE releases the Christmas version of the OST of "The Mysterious Class"
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[BBANGYA NEWS|Reporter Khaing] YG's large group TREASURE warmly melted the ears of global fans as a surprise song gift ahead of Christmas. The Christmas version of the OST of "The Ghost Story" in which Choi Hyun-seok participated in the composition was released.

YG Entertainment released TREASURE's web drama "The Mysterious Class" OST <BFF> (HAPPY CHRISTMAS ver.) on its official blog on the 24th. <BFF> stands for "Best Friend Forever". TREASURE sang about friendship as it was an OST produced by itself based on the contents of the web drama.

The video, which is full of Christmas atmosphere, also combines with lyrics full of affection for friends, giving off their unique pure sensibility. The development that starts with high-tension guitar sound from the introduction and continues energetically is cheerful. The harmony of the twelve boys was expressed in the last singalong, making the listener feel good. The song was first inserted in the first episode of "The Mysterious Class" and drew attention among fans. At that time, the song name or specific information was not disclosed, raising many questions.

YG said, "Choi Hyun-suk, a member who has been steadily working on TREASURE's songs and expanding his musical capabilities and spectrum as an artist, participated in composing Best Friend Forever (BFF)," adding, "The main production was handled by YG internal composer Q."

Meanwhile, the web drama "The Mysterious Class," led by 12 TREASURE members, tells the story of students in the same class trying to find ghosts. There are only two episodes left until the end, and it is uploaded to TREASURE YouTube channel every Friday night at 10 p.m.


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