Tiger JK and Bibi were selected as Asia's representative song and album of the year 2021
Tiger JK and Bibi were selected as Asia's representative song and album of the year 2021
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[BBANGYA NEWS|Reporter Mo Mo] Singers Tiger JK and Bibi were selected as the Song and Album of the Year representing Asia by leading U.S. hip-hop media.

Hiphop DX posted "HIPHOPDX ASIA'S 20 Best SONGS & ALBUMS OF 2021" on the 24th (Korea Standard Time) and selected Tiger JK's "Life is a Bi..." as Asia's representative song and album of the year.

Hip-hop DX commented, " Amid a surge in Asian hate crimes around the world, Tiger JK delivered a strong message through this bold and passionate song."

Hogamsul is a new song released by Tiger JK in about a year and two months after the deliberate love song, and it contains a message of hope to love himself more along with anger over some crooked prejudices toward Asians. The music video directed by brand storyteller group Control (CTRL) has been praised for its great men such as Malcolm X and Yi Sun-shin.

Bibi's album Life is a Bi..., which recently turned on a green light for overseas activities, was selected as Asia's best album category. "Life is Bad X" is an album with a storytelling concept that emphasizes Bibi's creative talent, which reveals her talents in various fields. It contains five stories under the theme of "Life" living in their 20s, and all music, images, writings, and videos were planned by Bibi.

Tiger JK and Bibi, who performed impressively at the Head In the Clouds Festival held in LA in November, received global attention one after another. Tiger JK earlier received the attention of South China Morning Post and Rolling Stone along with the selection of 20 Best K-pop Albums of the Year by critics released by Billboard.

Bibi recently entered the top 40 media base charts with his HITC single "The Weekend," which was co-released with 88rising, making headlines as the first Korean female solo artist to officially chart on the top 40 radio charts in the U.S. Tiger JK and Bibi, who are currently preparing for the new album, will hold a metabus concert "Level Up (LV↑↑)" on the 27th and meet with fans.



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