Starship's new boy group 'Cravity' is coming soon
Starship's new boy group 'Cravity' is coming soon
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[BBANGYA NEWS|Joan Park] Starship Etnertainment is debuting a new boy group 'Cravity' soon.

The agency opened official social media channels and posted a clip featuring the team's logo and name on March 16.

The fans expectation is higher than ever as they are the first boy group the agency is debuting in five years after their senior group MONSTA X. Since MONSTA X is globally renowned K-POP group Cravity is likely to share the senior group's glow. Also, Kang Minhee and Song Hyunjoon from X1 are known to join the group as well. Both the members already have strong a fanbase. 
Cravity's promotional schedule and album release shcedule will be revealed later through official social media channels.


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