Controversy of Wang Li-hong's private life...
Controversy of Wang Li-hong's private life...
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[BBANGYA NEWS | Reporter Khaing] Chinese top star Wang Li-hong (45) has been embroiled in controversy over his private life.

According to reports from Chinese media such as Taiwan's Central News Agency on the 21st, Wang Li Hong's ex-wife, Li Jing-lei (35), revealed on her SNS on the 17th that she suffered emotional violence after hearing insulting words from Wang Li Hong and his family throughout her marriage. He also claimed that Wang Li-hong has a dragonfly partner in various cities and has also called for prostitutes.

Earlier, Wang Li-hong said on Weibo on the 15th, "I have so many shortcomings in my marriage in recent years and I feel sorry for it," adding, "We decided to live apart because we have different thoughts and plans for the future."

However, as Li Jing-lei's revelation spread and criticism against Wang Li-hong intensified, Wang Li-hong forced her to marry on the 20th, citing pregnancy shortly after she met him. The marriage that started like that was like a nightmare, he said. "Jing Lei asked for 200 million yuan (about 37.3 billion won) during divorce consultations and paid 150 million yuan (about 27.98 billion won)." In the article, he did not explain the allegations of extramarital affair and prostitution claimed by Li Jing-rey.

Internet users criticized Wang Li-hong's immature response without an apology, and Wang Li-hong eventually apologized, saying, "No matter how much I think about it, men should take full responsibility," adding, "This happened because of my wrongdoing and I will no longer explain or make excuses."

He then declared a suspension of his entertainment activities, saying, "As a father, son, and public figure, I will take responsibility and step back from work for a while." "As long as I'm already divorced, the argument is meaningless. I respectfully apologize to the children, he said. "I will participate in the entire process of raising children and I will bear the cost."

Meanwhile, Wang Li-hong, who is a singer and actor, has starred as a college senior of actor Tang Wei in the movie Color and Gye. He has an eldest daughter, a second daughter, and a third son in Seulha, who married in November 2013.


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