Lim Si-wan and Go Ah-sung's "Tracer" four different character posters is released
Lim Si-wan and Go Ah-sung's "Tracer" four different character posters is released
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[BBANGYA NEWS | Reporter Khaing] 'Tracer' released a four-color poster with a variety of charms, raising expectations.

"Tracer" is a thrilling follow-up play depicting the strong performance of a man who has rolled into five countries called the National Tax Service, also known as the "Trash Hatchard," a scarier place than the judge. The character poster released this time attracts attention as it contains various charms of the characters of nationally recognized experts who chase bad money.

Lim Si-wan, who played as Hwang Dong-joo, a team leader of the five countries full of smart taxes, heralded a different transformation as a shameless talented person who does not care about others, adding a copy of "Isn't scarier than money a person?" to expect him to chase bad money in his own way? The poster of Go Ah-sung, who played as Seo Hye-young, an investigator with the best footwork, said, "I told you so. It stimulates curiosity about how Hye-young will confront the cowardly world with a copy of "Trust me." Meanwhile, Son Hyun-joo's strong charisma with a copy of "It's a game of deceiving or deceiving in the end," raises tension by guessing the endless ambition of "In Tae-joon," the head of the Central Tax Service, who is seeking the position of the No. 1 National Tax Service. Park Yong-woo, who plays the role of "Oh Young," a manager who does not work, stands out in a calm expression, adding to the question of what kind of change the realist "Oh Young" will undergo with a copy of "Sometimes I'm not embarrassed." As such, the colorful chemistry of characters with different charms will further double the rich fun of "tracer."

'Tracer', which is expected to be released on Wavve on January 7, 2022, with fresh materials from the background of the National Tax Service, cheerful stories, Lim Si-wan, Ko Ah-sung, Son Hyun-joo, and Park Yong-woo, will be aired on MBC.


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