Golden Child's Choi Bo-min and Heo Jung-hee broke up in 'Shadow Beauty' 
Golden Child's Choi Bo-min and Heo Jung-hee broke up in 'Shadow Beauty' 
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[BBANGYA NEWS | Reporter Mo Mo] Choi Bo-min of the group Golden Child suffered an emotional change after breaking up with Huh Jung-hee on Kakao TV's original "Shadow Beauty."

Choi Bo-min showed delicate acting skills as Kim Ho-in in the 10th episode of Kakao TV's original "Shadow Beauty" (screenplay/directed by Bang Soo-in, planned by Kakao Entertainment, and production engine film and film company chat), which was released on the 18th.

On this day, Kim Ho-in broke up with his girlfriend Yang Ha-neul (played by Heo Jung-hee). Kim Ho-in, who has been cold to Yang Ha-neul, said, "I'm sorry. I apologized, saying, "I will do well in the future," but Yang Ha-neul left a message to Kim Ho-in to break up.

Kim Ho-in, embarrassed by Yang Ha-neul's sudden notice of farewell, asked, "Are you serious?" Yang Ha-neul replied, "Why do you always want to be sincere to me until the last word?"

Kim Ho-in seemed to be shocked by Yang Ha-neul's unexpected words, and after Yang Ha-neul left, he remained alone in deep thoughts.

Kim Ho-in's slightly shaky eyes made him guess that a new emotional change had occurred. In addition, questions have grown over whether the relationship between Kim Ho-in and Yang Ha-neul will take a new turn in the future.

Choi Bo-min drew attention by carefully expressing Kim Ho-in's complex feelings after an unexpected breakup. Viewers are giving favorable reviews for Choi Bo-min's acting skills, which become more solid as the episodes continue.

"Shadow Beauty," starring Choi Bo-min, will be released every Wednesday and Saturday at 8 p.m. on Kakao TV.

Meanwhile, Golden Child won the Best Choice Award in the Singer category at the 2021 Asian Artist Awards (2021 AAA) held on the 2nd.


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