SUPER JUNIOR's "EUNHYUK" is the first idol to try directing a musical 
SUPER JUNIOR's "EUNHYUK" is the first idol to try directing a musical 
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[BBANGYA NEWS | Reporter Khaing] Super Junior's Eunhyuk challenges musical directing and solidifies his position as an all-around artist.

Eun-hyuk will participate in the popular Broadway musical "Alta Boys," which will kick off from the 18th to the 24th.

"Alta Boys," which began with a Broadway premiere, is a concert-type musical about five boys forming a dance vocal group to deliver love and comfort to the audience through songs and dances.

In particular, Eun-hyuk is the first K-pop artist to direct a Broadway musical through "Alta Boys." He is currently working hard leading actors and staff for high-quality performances.

Eun-hyuk has received a lot of attention by steadily participating in performance directing since "SUPER JUNIOR WORLD TOUR "SUPER SHOW 7" in 2017. The colorful stages created by Eunhyuk captivated global fans and proved their potential as a director.

As such, Eun-hyuk will show a unique sense with his first musical direction and imprint a strong presence in the performance world. While K-pop stars such as NU'EST Baekho, Astro's affiliated, SF9 Taeyang, Golden Child's Y and Hong Joo-chan appear in "Alta Boys," Eun-hyuk leads singer juniors as a director to enhance the completeness of the work.

Recently, Eun-hyuk has been performing not only as a singer but also as a musical director and entertainment show. Super Junior D&E's first full-length album "COUNTDOWN," released in November, topped the iTunes top album chart in 22 regions around the world, proving its hot global popularity.

On top of that, Eun-hyuk also drew attention from fans by showing his witty talk at the TVing original "Idol Dictation Contest 2," which was first unveiled on the afternoon of the 16th.

Eun-hyuk, who continues his successful "working hard," is expected to show another charm as a musical director by showing outstanding skills with this "Alta Boys."

Broadway musical "Alta Boys" will kick off at KBS Arena in Seoul from the 18th to the 24th, and online performances will be broadcast live through Meta Theater, a global platform specializing in performances. In addition, you can also meet live viewing in multiplex chains such as CGV and Orange Sky Golden Harvest.


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