BÉBE YANA's double single "Fairy's On Her Highway" will release on the 19th 
BÉBE YANA's double single "Fairy's On Her Highway" will release on the 19th 
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[BBANGYA NEWS | Reporter Mo Mo] R&B musician "BéBE YANA" will release the double-single "Fairy's On Her Highway" on various music sites at noon on Sunday, the 19th.

The title song "Fairy's On Her Highway" is an R&B song that expresses her heart affectionately on the way to meet her loved one in a fairy tale. It has a calm sound and a strong message dedicated to loved ones.

The following song "All I Want Is U" is a sad breakup song about losing and missing a loved one. The melody line reciting over the phone, orchestra, guitar sound, and violin performance played by themselves created a dramatic atmosphere.

"BéBE YANA" tells the opposite stories that arise within the theme of love through this double-single "Fairy's On Her Highway."

"BéBE YANA" said, "When we all live in a universe named 'love', we are comforted by numerous encounters, breakups, new experiences, release love, and move forward," so I hope you can sympathize and listen to it together."

The musician BéBE YANA, who recently completed the official activities of the rookie Museon 2021, hosted by the Korea Creative Content Agency, appeared on MBC M Dromeda YouTube channel entertainment program "Godfather," SBS Power FM Kim Young-chul's Power FM, KBS Cool FM Station Z, and MBC Culture Concert.

In addition, he will be the year-end special DJ of Arirang International Broadcasting Radio Program Sound K from the 20th to the 26th and will visit the public with various activities such as TV, radio, and magazines.


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