JYP "Nizi Project" season 2 officially begins 
JYP "Nizi Project" season 2 officially begins 
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[BBANGYA NEWS|Reporter Nang] JYP Entertainment's "Nizi Project" Season 2 will announce the start of 2022.

The "Nizi Project" is an audition project that began in February 2019 with the business agreement ceremony between JYP and Sony Music, Japan's largest record company, and produced a girl group NiziU in 2020. NiziU, which was discovered by JYP head Park Jin-young and completed by combining the training system, has accumulated brilliant achievements and topics from his pre-debut until recently, ensuring success as a popular girl group.

Season 2 will hold auditions in a total of 11 cities in Korea, Japan and the United States with the aim of creating a boy group. Accordingly, JYP and Sony Music announced specific audition schedules on the 16th and encouraged applicants' dreams.

Season 2 auditions will be held in eight Japanese cities in the order of Nagoya, Fukuoka, Hiroshima, Sapporo, Okinawa, Tokyo, Sendai and Kobe in March and April 15, Los Angeles on April 17, and Seoul, the center of K-pop, on May 5. In particular, Park Jin-young, JYP's Chief Creative Officer (CCO), will visit each global audition venue again this time as in season 1 to find talent in person.

Along with the announcement of the audition schedule, Park Jin-young delivered a message supporting the applicant through a YouTube video. Park Jin-young in the video said, "I'm going to meet you next year, so all boys who dream of becoming idols should not hesitate to participate. "Seeing your potential, don't worry and challenge yourself," he said.

Auditions for Season 2 of the "Nizi Project" will be accepted until February next year, and the support category will consist of a total of five vocal, dance, rap, model, and lyric-composition. It aims to develop the project in 2022 and make its official debut in June 2023. More detailed recruitment information can be found on the official website.


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