[December 17] Lee Jae-jin's Birthday
[December 17] Lee Jae-jin's Birthday
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[BBANGYA NEWS | Reporter Khaing] December 17 is FTISLAND member Lee Jae-jin's birthday.

Lee Jae-jin is a bassist for the trio boy band FTISLAND.

Band FT Island has reached the top of the U.S. iTunes chart with its new album "LOCK UP" released in two years and two months.

FT Island's eighth mini-album "LOCK UP," released on the 10th, ranked in the top three iTunes KPOP albums in seven regions, including Japan, Russia, and Thailand, as of the 13th. It also confirmed FT Island's global popularity by ranking in the top three iTunes POP albums and the top five albums in six regions, including Singapore and Malaysia.

FT Island depicts a painful moment of love that trapped memories of lovers in Pandora's box after a breakup through its eighth mini album "LOCK UP." The title song "Unthinkable" is a song that contains realistic feelings that cannot be admitted even if they want to accept the breakup with their loved ones. Lead vocalist Lee Hong-ki's appealing voice is combined with the mournful atmosphere of the song, touching the listeners deeply.
Meanwhile, FT Island's Lee Jae-jin, Lee Hong-ki, and Choi Min-hwan made a comeback as a complete group on December 10 by releasing their eighth mini album "LOCK UP" for the first time in two years and two months.

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