Jin "Super Tuna" hit 30 million views
Jin "Super Tuna" hit 30 million views
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[BBANGYA NEWS|Reporter Mo Mo] BTS Jin's "Super Tuna" has set a record of surpassing 30 million views.

It has also topped YouTube trend for 11 days. In YouTube's music category "Video Trending Worldwide," Jin's "Super Tuna" is showing off its superpower by maintaining the top spot.

In addition, Jin's Super Tuna has 141.8 million views (14 days) of videos with hashtags #supertuna on the global short video platform TikTok, 49.8 million views by #SuperTunaChallenge, 21.4 million views by #SuperTunaDanceChallenge, and 5.6 million views by #SuperTunaDanceChallenge.

"Super Tuna" is a self-composed song that Jin released on YouTube and SNS as an event to mark his birthday on the 4th.

It is an impressive song with B-class emotional lyrics and addictive melody, and simple dance movements.

Earlier, Jin said on Naver V LIVE, "When I first came up with the song, I want to go to class B as much as possible to Beom-ju." He said, "Grade C is good," and introduced "Super Tuna" by saying, "I wrote melodies and lyrics with my brother right away on the spot." "Son Sung-deuk, the choreographer, said, 'I don't know if it's okay to do this content because you've become so superstars,' adding, 'I thought about whether I could reveal songs and choreography with low-quality B-class sensibility, but I'm ashamed. It was revealed with the feeling of providing you with something to enjoy. I hope you enjoy it, he added.

On the other hand, MBC News Today and others said, "The 2nd baby shark?" Jin's super tuna is becoming the second baby shark among kindergarteners under the keyword "Listen to Super Tuna and Dance."



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