THE BOYZ's Ju-yeon X Young-hoon "Harper's Bazaar" pictorial is revealed
THE BOYZ's Ju-yeon X Young-hoon "Harper's Bazaar" pictorial is revealed
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  • 승인 2021.12.16 18:36
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[BBANGYA NEWS|Reporter Nang] Young-hoon and Ju-yeon of the group THE BOYZ showed off their sharp visuals.

The magazine "Harpers Bazaar" released a visual pictorial with THE BOYZ's Younghoon and the Ju-yeon through the January issue. Rumor has it that the two made the set warm with their shining visuals and humble attitude.

In an interview that followed after the pictorial shoot, the two said, "I think our team has really good energy. Eleven people each have different personalities and personalities, but when they say, "Let's do it," we all cooperate. For example, performances like "Road to Kingdom" and "KCON". I think the energy was delivered to the viewers. The moments when everyone concentrates so much and the hearts of 11 people come together. "When that happens, I feel proud," he said.

As for the new year's goal for 2022, I said, "I want to fly much next year. It flies a lot on the stage, and it flies a lot in the sky. I hope you're very, very busy meeting your fans like that. I want to grow like that and make better records. Above all, I hope I can laugh a lot with the members of THE BOYZ," he replied.

Photoshoots and interviews starring THE BOYZ's Younghoon can be found in the January issue of "Harpers Bazaar."

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