BAMBAM new song will release on the 28th
BAMBAM new song will release on the 28th
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[BBANGYA NEWS | Reporter Nang] BAMBAM announced the release of his new song on the 28th.

At 0 o'clock on the 15th, a new black-and-white concept photo was released on BAMBAM's official SNS.  A total of four concept photos predict that BAMBAM's new song will be released on the 28th, along with the phrases "PRE-SINGLE" and "December 28, 2021. This is the first new song to be released in more than six months since the first solo mini album "riBBon" released in June.

BAMBAM also made a surprise release of a moving teaser expressing his name in line drawing on the 13th, hinting at a comeback. Amid various speculations among fans about what the moving teaser, which expresses BAMBAM's name as if it were reflected, is stimulating curiosity about what story BAMBAM will tell through the newly released concept photo on the 15th.  

In addition, as the new song was described as "PRE-SINGLE," it implies that BAMBAM is preparing for a new album.  

BAMBAM announced his new start as a solo singer through his first solo mini-album "riBBon" released in June. Through the title song "riBBon" of the same name, he showed hopeful lyrics and BAMBAM's unique bright and lovely energy, showing his own color different from when he was in the group. In addition, he participated in writing and composing the entire album and showed further growth.  

BAMBAM's efforts not only topped the iTunes album chart in 34 regions with the release of his mini-album "riBBon," but also made significant records, including 100,000 album sales, 60 million views on music video YouTube, and two Asian Celebrities and Best Artists awards at the 2021 Asian Artist Awards (AAA).

BAMBAM's new free single, which will be released six months after his successful solo debut, will be released on the 28th.


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