Yeo Sang, Kim Yo Han, and Ji Han 3 MCs drop out from "The Show"
Yeo Sang, Kim Yo Han, and Ji Han 3 MCs drop out from "The Show"
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[BBANGYA NEWS | Reporter Mo Mo] SBS MTV's "The Show" will say goodbye to ATEEZ Yeo Sang, WEi Kim Yo-han and Weekly Ji-han, who were loved as MCs.

Starting with this spring, the MCs, who showed brother and sister-like chemistry every week, will say goodbye, recalling the memories of the four seasons spent with The Show. The 3MC's goodbye greeting, which has shone on The Show for the past nine months, can be found on the live broadcast at 6 p.m. this evening.

Meanwhile, The Show, which will be held as a year-end special, has a special time with participants from each country to mark the Hallyu Olympiad special, which attracted 250,000 people from 50 countries around the world. MC Yeo Sang will come forward and teach ATEEZ's "Deja Vu" point choreography and challenge as an instructor, not a trainee. Expectations are high on what the meeting between global K-POP fans who participated in the Hallyu Olympiad and global star ATEEZ Yeo Sang will look like.

In addition, San and Woo-young of ATEEZ, a youth idol, will appear in the corner "Your Face" where you can see the real moments of stars. The two, who have been together since their school days and boast a long friendship, will release unforgettable first meeting episodes. In addition, those who have returned with unrivaled high-teen charms will show off their cool tips in school uniforms to suit their concept.

Next, IVE will appear in the segment "Picking a Sweet Ending" in "The Show." "Picking a Sweet Ending" is a memorable dalgona game that has recently attracted a lot of attention, and it is a corner where all members defend the ending fairy on the stage of "The Show." The difficulty of the draw is determined by the given keyword, which is expected to be a big difficulty from selecting keywords, and IVE members wonder if they will be able to complete the shape of dalgona perfectly like a complete rookie to show everyone's ending.

"The Show," which will be broadcast live simultaneously on SBS MTV and MTV Asia channels, MTV Russia, MTV Hits France, and Japan's TBS channels, will air in a total of 86 regions, including ATEEZ, B.I.G, Billie, GHOST9, IVE, T1419, NADA, Park Gun, Cignature.

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