MONSTA X, "The Dreaming" topped the Billboard chart 
MONSTA X, "The Dreaming" topped the Billboard chart 
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[BBANGYA NEWS | Reporter Khaing] The group MONSTA X boasts worldwide popularity as a "outlaw in the music world."
Picture = Starship Entertainment 
Picture = Starship Entertainment 

According to Billboard's website and SNS channel, MONSTA X's second U.S. full album "The Dreaming" topped the favorite new music category by fan vote on Billboard this week.

The results of the vote were based on fan votes. MONSTA X proved its global class again, accounting for 86.72% of the votes among world-class pop artists with "The Dreaming," which was released on the 10th.

MONSTA X's "The Dreaming" is the second English album released since its first U.S. full album "ALL ABOUT LUV" released in 2020. It contains the message that all of us, who lost a lot of things and found hope this year, are connected by the medium of "music," and it also presents the joy of listening to a total of 10 tracks.

The title "You Problem" also shows a different color from existing MONSTA X's music with an exciting disco atmosphere. The released music video is also attracting attention with energy that makes viewers smile with its funky yet bubbly charm that fully utilizes retro sensibility.

Picture = Starship Entertainment 

MONSTA X, which is working hard for global MONBEBE (official fan club name) until the end of 2021, heralded an active overseas promotion. On the 13th (local time in the U.S.), he will appear on Good Morning America, a morning show on the U.S. terrestrial channel ABC, and attend the Jingle Ball tour at Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia on the same day.

As it is the first face-to-face performance in two years, global attention is also being paid to the stage that MONSTA X will show on the "Jingle Ball" tour. Starting with Philadelphia, MONSTA X is set to tour in Washington D.C. on the 14th, Atlanta on the 16th, and Miami on the 19th, and plans to repay with spectacular performances for fans who have waited.

In addition, MONSTA X continues to communicate with domestic and foreign fans through various overseas promotions and contents.


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