Song Kang behind-the-scenes cuts are revealed 
Song Kang behind-the-scenes cuts are revealed 
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[BBANGYA NEWS | Reporter Nang] Actor Song Kang's charm also stood out in the behind-the-scenes cut.

Song Kang, who decorated the December issue by participating in the "W Korea" Love Your W campaign, drew attention with an overwhelming visual, and is also drawing attention by showing off its irreplaceable charm in the behind-the-scenes photos of the ONF.

In the released behind-the-scenes cut, Song Kang's pictorial master, who perfectly captures various concepts with his ever-changing eyes and aura, stands out. Black expresses the chicness of Black with an expressionless face and fatal physicality, and soon catches Red's intensity with intense eyes, making you feel the extreme image transformation power that you think is another person.

On the other hand, in the following cut, the appearance of the opposite temperature difference even in the same outfit catches the eye. He, who sophisticatedly digests luxury jewelry and watches with a fascinating aura during a pictorial shoot, is full of maturity, but his playful pose toward the camera at the end of the shoot gives a glimpse of the boyish beauty of Song Kang.

As such, Song Kang's "sweet and salty" temperature difference captured in the behind-the-scenes cut stimulates curiosity about how far the image spectrum he can show will be. From the professionalism that melts any concept completely and makes it his or her own, the charm that freely crosses purity and cuteness proved a variety that cannot be quantified.

In each work, he is taking on the path of a "genre destroyer" by challenging romance, thriller, and human regardless of genre, and many expectations are focused on his new acting transformation to be shown in the work beyond pictorials.

Meanwhile, Song Kang is currently filming his next film, JTBC's People of the 'Meteorological Agency People : The Cruelty of Office Romance.'  


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