Lee Je-hoon X Moon Chae-won's audio music video "Floor" will be released on December 27th on Naver Vibe
Lee Je-hoon X Moon Chae-won's audio music video "Floor" will be released on December 27th on Naver Vibe
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[BBANGYA NEWS | Reporter Mo Mo] Naver's audio movie "Floor" (Director Lim Ji-hwan, Produced by Story Wave Pictures) confirmed the release of Vibe on the 27th and released a teaser trailer featuring Lee Je-hoon's strong presence for the first time.

Naver's first audio movie series, Floor, is new audio content in a style that has never been seen before that combines the actor's vivid voice acting with visual effects such as line subtitles and CG. The differentiated immersion of reasoning mysterious events only through sound, and the "floor" that combines graphic effects, sound, and music, is expected to show a new possibility of audio content, a global craze.

In particular, along with Lee Je-hoon, the best profiler who tracks the culprit with sound clues, Moon Chae-won, the righteous police officer Shin Ji-ho, Kang Shin-il, the twin Baek Seung-hwan, Baek Seung-cheol, Yang Dong-geun, freelance actor Jung Joon-ha, and Park Kang-hyun, who is suffering from Tourette syndrome.

The teaser trailer for "Floor" released this time draws attention with the unique phrase "USE YOUR HEADPHONES, exceptional immersive audio." Lee Je-hoon's serious expression staring straight above the neon light in the dark and the question, "Seven suspects, why are they lying?" stimulate questions about the mysterious incident.

Along with tense music, Profiler Lee Je-hoon's cool analysis of the testimony of suspects who deny that they are criminals by speculating, such as "I really didn't do anything," "But he got angry at me again."

'Floor' is an audio movie that deals with the process of the profiler and the details of the case digging into the truth of the case based on the mysterious incidents and suspects' statements in a matte villa where unknown inter-floor noise continues. Lee Je-hoon, Moon Chae-won, Kang Shin-il, Yang Dong-geun, Jung Joon-ha, Baek Sung-hyun, Jo Han-na, Kim Yoo-jin, and Lee Sae-byeol joined, while Lim Ji-hwan took the megaphone. 'Floor', which consists of a total of six episodes, will be released free of charge on Naver Vibe on the 27th.


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