[December 08] Lee Yoo Young's Birthday
[December 08] Lee Yoo Young's Birthday
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[BBANGYA NEWS | Reporter Mo Mo] December 8th is Lee Yoo Young's birthday.

Actress Lee Yoo-young plays the role of Jung Jae-yi, who supports Ko Se-won (Lee Sun-kyun) and falls into a state of coma due to a terrible tragedy on Apple TV+ "Dr. Brain."

After the first episode was released on the 4th, a total of six episodes will be released one by one every week. 'Dr. Brain' is an SF thriller about a genius brain scientist Ko Se-won (Lee Sun-kyun), whose family becomes a victim of a mysterious accident and suffers a terrible tragedy.

'Dr. Brain' is captivating viewers with a story that repeats a turnaround every episode. A total of six episodes will be produced and five episodes will be released on the 3rd.

Lee Yoo-young played the role of a mystery four-dimensional neighbor in the movie "Perhaps Love" (Director Cho Eun-ji).

'Perhaps Love' is a work depicting the variety of privacy of best-selling writer Hyun (Ryu Seung-ryong), who meets people intertwined with unusual romance and twists their work and life.

In the movie "Perhaps Love", actress Lee Yoo-young, who shows the opposite charm through "Dr. Brain", performed her life with the movie "The Prayer."

"The Prayer" (Director Min Gyu-dong, provided by Wavve MBC, production film, distribution chaos) is a story in which a The Prayer robot that cares for a patient lying in a vegetative state for 10 years and a tired guardian falls into agony over who to save.

"The Prayer" was released at the theater on December 2.

Meanwhile, 'Perhaps Love' will be released on December 17.

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