"IDOL" Ahn Hee-yeon refuses to renew her contract with Cotton Candy
"IDOL" Ahn Hee-yeon refuses to renew her contract with Cotton Candy
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[BBANGYA NEWS | Reporter Mo Mo] Ahn Hee-yeon was found to be the original singer of Cotton Candy and Mars unit title songs whose similarity was found.

JTBC's Monday-Tuesday drama "IDOL : The Coup" (hereinafter referred to as "IDOL") aired on the 6th revealed that Ppiyong (Lee Yoo-jin) stole Jenna's song while plagiarism between Cotton Candy and Mars units came to the surface.

Earlier, a similarity between Cotton Candy's title song and Mars' unit title song shocked everyone. Piyong, who ran after hearing the news, verbally abused Jenna and Troy (Cha Sun-woo), and Cha Jae-hyuk (Kwak Si-yang) also embarrassed her by suggesting a replacement of Cotton Candy's title song as a solution.

Cotton Candy members were delighted with the chart reverse and the offer to appear in advertisements, but they could not hide their embarrassment at the sudden plagiarism problem. Jenna, who was in agony, declared to replace the title song in response to Cha Jae-hyuk's words, "There is nothing more meaningful in the world than preventing catastrophe."

Troy persuaded her based on Jenna's unique sensibility felt in Mars' unit title song. El, who had left the team while the two were on their way and going, finally returned to the accommodation after a long wandering, and Jenna expressed her sorrow in her arms, causing regret.

Meanwhile, Cha Jae-hyuk offered Jenna, who visited the company, to renew her contract with Cotton Candy as a way to resolve the situation. In response, Jenna refused to renew her contract, saying, "We are not renewing our contract with Star piece," announcing a comeback at the same time as the Mars unit as well as maintaining the title song, signaling a head-on breakthrough.

However, as Mo Ga-jin (Shin Jae-hoon) suddenly published an article about plagiarism between Cotton Candy and Mars Unit, their plans were disrupted. Feeling betrayed, Jenna demanded Cha Jae-hyuk to reveal the truth, and he summoned all the people involved, urging Cotton Candy to renew his contract to deal with the situation. Jenna and Ppiyong, who gathered in one place, fiercely confronted over plagiarism, and he made her angry by spitting insulting remarks.

In the end, Jenna, who returned to her accommodation without hearing the answer she wanted, was deeply troubled over the renewal of Cotton Candy's contract and replacement of the title song. El, who was watching her, said, "I'm ready to fight," adding, "Thanks to you, everyone in the world knew that we were releasing a new song," making Jenna laugh.

Meanwhile, Ji-han was lost in thought and headed to his studio with a firm face, recalling the moment when he first received the song from Piyong. Piyong said to Jihan who plagiarized Jenna's song again, "Am I the only one who gets hurt?" "You should die too," he said, shocking everyone with a brutal threat. He then said, "We're co-producers. If you said you didn't know, would people believe you?" he added, embarrassing Ji-han.

At the same time, Cha Jae-hyuk confirmed that the cause of all these situations was Piyong through the reference column of Jenna's self-composed song e-mail, which was sent to Yoon by CEO Ma Jin-woo (Jung Woong-in) in the past. Cha Jae-hyuk and Ji-han, who noticed that the original singer of Mars' unit title song and Cotton Candy's title song, were Jenna, are curious about what kind of steps they will show.

The ending of the plagiarism problem between Cotton Candy and Mars units can be found in JTBC's Monday-Tuesday drama "IDOL which airs at 11 p.m. on the 7th.


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