[December 07] MINO COMEBACK
[December 07] MINO COMEBACK
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[BBANGYA NEWS | Reporter Mo Mo] December 07 is the day Song Minho makes a comeback.

WINNER's Song Min-ho (MINO) will release his third solo full album "TO INFINITY" at 6 p.m. today (7th).

Like the name of the album "TO INFINITY," Song Min-ho has been running without stopping toward a place with infinite growth and potential. And he expands his music spectrum once again to unravel a new story.

Of the 10 tracks in the album, the title track "TANG!♡" is also attracting the most attention. It is a song with passionate lyrics that "I will be willing to pay any price to win love." It is also a song that is expected to have Song Min-ho's unique hip-hop swag and sensuous grammar.

The concept of "Digital Gun Man," which maximizes the immersion of the message held by "TANG!♡," is also interesting. Attention is focusing on how "Cowboy" Song Min-ho, who adds modern sensibility to the Western drama that stimulates nostalgia in the past, will give music fans a thrilling pleasure.

In fact, the preheated atmosphere with the first track "LOVE IN DA CAR" flows smoothly with the title songs "TANG!♡" and "PYRAMID," and explodes with intense "LANGUAGE," "KILL," "MUAH," and "QUESTION MARK" from the beginning. In the second half, the lyrical songs "DRUNK TALK," "LOSING U," and "SAD WALK" will give a deep lingering impression.

On top of that, a spectacular featuring lineup of Gaeko, lIlBOI, sogumm, Sunwoo Jung-ah, and iKon Bobby helped him. The meeting between the top rappers and vocalists showed positive synergy, completing the album more abundantly.

It is also fun to interpret and listen to the poetic metaphor, which is a characteristic of Song Min-ho's music. He boldly made attempts not to be bound by any framework, such as using emoticons and homonyms as punchlines. YG said, "It's just 'Song Min-ho-like' and the album itself is Song Min-ho's identity."

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