[December 07] Kim Sojeong's Birthday
[December 07] Kim Sojeong's Birthday
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[BBANGYA NEWS | Reporter Nang] December 7 is the birthday of actress Kim Sojeong, a former group GFRIEND.

Sowon, a former group GFRIEND, will take on her first acting challenge as actress Kim Sojeong.

Earlier in May, Sowon's exclusive contract with Source Music, her GFRIEND's agency, was terminated. As they disbanded after six years of GFRIEND activities, they went their own way. GFRIEND is active in their respective positions, including MC, singing, and acting.  

Kim Sojeong plays Jeong Sye-ri, a part-time cafe worker who has the ability to see ghosts due to a special event. Jeong Sye-ri lives a difficult life as she has a special ability, but she does not lose her brightness.

CINE-RAMA, organized by CGV and Contact Media Co., Ltd., is a compound word of Cinema and Drama and is a new form of content that makes one content into two versions of movies and dramas and releases the drama version on domestic and international OTT and YouTube.

The cinema "Chilling Roommate" is a horror romantic comedy-drama about what happens when Jeong Sye-ri (Kim Sojeong), who can see ghosts, and Song Ji-chan (Jung Chan-woo), who somehow became ghosts, accidentally start living together. It will be a point to watch as the two main characters open their hearts little by little.

As "Chilling Roommate" is her first acting debut, Kim Sojeong is working hard to prepare for filming with special affection for her work and character.  

Meanwhile, "Chilling Roommate" will be released as a drama version on various OTT platforms and YouTube channels after the release of the theater version in the first half of 2022.

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