Big Bang TAE YANG become a dad
Big Bang TAE YANG become a dad
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[BBANGYA NEWS | Reporter Nang] Big Bang member Taeyang and actor Min Hyo-rin gave birth to a healthy son.

As a result of the report on the 6th, Min Hyo-rin, the wife of the sun, recently gave birth to a healthy son. As a result, Taeyang became the first father in the group.

The news that Taeyang and Min Hyo-rin will become parents was reported through an exclusive report in our newspaper on September 27. Since then, Plum A&C, Min Hyo-rin's agency, said, "Min Hyo-rin is about to give birth. We are waiting for the child with joy, he said. "It is difficult to confirm the specific timing of childbirth because Min Hyo-rin wants to give birth quietly."

Taeyang and Min Hyo-rin formed a relationship through music video shooting in 2014 and developed into lovers, and married in February 2018. Currently, the two live in a luxury villa in Hannam-dong, Seoul.

Announcing his marriage, Taeyang said, "I vowed to be with Min Hyo-rin, who has always been by my side for four years," adding, "I will live with a more responsible and humble appearance in the future."

Meanwhile, Min Hyo-rin made her debut as a clothing brand model in 2006 and received great love for appearing in the films 'Sunny', 'Gone with the Wind', and 'Twenty'.

Taeyang debuted as the group Big Bang in 2006 and celebrated its 15th anniversary this year. Except for Seung-ri, Big Bang members (G-Dragon, Taeyang, Top, Daeseong) renewed their contracts with YG Entertainment last year.


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