[December 06] Xdinary Heroes' debut
[December 06] Xdinary Heroes' debut
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[BBANGYA NEWS | Reporter Nang] December 06 is the debut day of Xdinary Heroes.

JYP's rookie group Xdinary Heroes (XH) debut on the 6th.

It is the second boy band presented by JYP's artist label studio STUDIOJ. Xdinary Heroes will release its debut digital single Happy Death Day at 6 p.m. that day.

The Xdinary Heroes is a six-member band consisting of drummer Gunil, bassist lead, keyboardist Odd (O.de), and guitarist Gaon and Jun Han from Berkeley College of Music in the U.S.

The title song "Happy Death Day," which is the same name as the album, features a situation in which he faced the cold truth on his birthday. People are invited to the main character's birthday party and congratulate him in front of him with a smile, but when the main character turns around, he expresses the duality that changes people.

Members Jung-soo and Gaon participated in writing and composing the song. Star composers Shim Eun-ji and Lee Hae-sol also helped. Earlier, the agency released a dramatized teaser depicting the characteristics and potential of the members and a performance video revealing the position of the instrument.

Meanwhile, the group name "Xdinary Heroes" was completed by shortening the English "Extraordinary Heroes." It contains the message, "Anyone can be a hero." Under the slogan "WE ARE ALL HEROES," the members express their efforts with music with dreams in their daily lives.

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