KIM JAEJOONG will appear as a guest on "Lee Hong-ki's Playlist ONCE"
KIM JAEJOONG will appear as a guest on "Lee Hong-ki's Playlist ONCE"
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[BBANGYA NEWS | Reporter Mo Mo] Singer Kim Jae-joong will appear as the first guest of "Lee Hong-ki's Playlist ONCE" and show off his talking skills.
Picture = MBC Plus
Picture = MBC Plus

Kim Jae-joong candidly shares a statement that he had never told in his 18 years since his debut on "ONCE," which will premiere on MBC M at 8 p.m. on the 3rd.

Kim Jae-joong gained great sympathy from MC Lee Hong-ki by revealing his past of suffering from "rock disease," which is scarier than "celebrity disease." Kim Jae-joong, who turned into a rocker for his first solo "One Kiss" activity, said he had a "rock disease" that only rockers had at the time due to excessive affection for rock. Rumor has it that he turned the scene into a sea of laughter by showing the steps and actions that eroded the soul to Rock Spirit, a symptom of illness.

Picture = MBC Plus
Picture = MBC Plus

Upon hearing this, Lee Hong-ki sympathized strongly, saying that he had done so, and showed a united attitude as a "rock disease." In addition, Kim Jae-joong drew attention by revealing how to cure "rock disease" by saying that he treated "rock disease" that he had not been able to cure for four years thanks to this (?). The whole story of the extraordinary way of curing the chronic disease of Rock disease will be revealed in the air.

Meanwhile, "ONCE" is a music live talk show where you can share the artist's playlist and enjoy their life history and high-quality live stages. The title "Once" of the program means "once" and "once," meaning that the artist will unveil a playlist of "once" in his life to a playlist of only one most meaningful "single song."

ONCE digs into their life history in depth through the artist's playlist in each episode. The cast artist will release a recommended playlist suitable for the theme along with his history talk that has never been heard anywhere, and present songs that mean a lot to him live.


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