Lee Moojin X Heize "When it snows" is released today (3rd)
Lee Moojin X Heize "When it snows" is released today (3rd)
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[BBANGYA NEWS | Reporter Nang] A new song with singers Lee Moo-jin and Heize will be released.

On the 3rd, Lee Moo-jin and Heize's new song "When it snows" will visit listeners. This song is Lee Moo-jin's first new song in about five months since " The Assignment Song" in July.

It's a medium-tempo ballad song about a man and a woman who broke up looking at the snow falling in different places under the same sky, failing to erase the memories of spending a snowy day together and becoming resentful beyond longing. Lee Moo-jin wrote and composed the song himself, revealing the aspect of a singer-songwriter, and is raising expectations, especially with Heize's featuring.

On the 2nd, the music video teaser video was released through SNS channel. In this music video, actor Jin Ki-joo appeared and started to support him. Jin Ki-joo drew attention by capturing the images of rookie Shin Yong-seok and affectionate men and women. Along with this, some of the sound sources featuring Lee Moo-jin and Heize's harmony were briefly released, drawing keen attention to Lee Moo-jin's new song, which boasts a unique lineup.

Lee Moo-jin rose to the top of the music chart three months after the release of "Traffic Light," which was released in May, and emerged as a "new music powerhouse." On top of that, Haze, who is loved for his numerous hits, adds strength to the synergy created by the two.

"When it snows" will be released at 6 p.m. on the same day.


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